• Instilling an awareness, appreciation, and respect for our birds of prey and the essential role they play in the health of our environment and our very lives
  • Inspiring our audiences, through a singular up close experience with live raptors, to become champions of wildlife conservation
  • Motivating our youth by providing a strong successful role model and conveying the importance of passion, perseverance, commitment., responsibility, respect, and education in pursuing their dreams; and
  • Challenging both youth and adults to maximize their potential in life and “soar on wings as eagles."   -Isaiah, 40:31

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There are experiences in our lives that change us in some way, forever, for the better. Flying Higher is one of those.

Flying Higher is dedicated to:

Welcome to Flying Higher, LLC, a company specializing in educational, inspirational and motivational presentations featuring unreleasable live birds of prey, otherwise known as “raptors.”  This interactive, uplifting, and entertaining conservation education program is flexible by design and can be custom tailored to serve an array of client’s educational or training needs.  Flying Higher is recommended for: