Business/Corporation/Agency Programs

With her hawks, falcon, and owls, Jo presents ordinary training in an innovative and extraordinary way.   These programs are engaging, educational, and fun and breathe new life into old topics such as workplace safety and interpersonal communications. 

"Jo did such a wonderful job relating the life of animals with the communication of humans and how they are truly alike.  I was very impressed with her knowledge and love of animals and humans. She spoke from her heart and mind. I would recommend her program to children, as well as adults. She's an amazing woman with God-given talent.”

-N. Coalton, Diversity Team, Dominion Transmission, Inc.

“Jo's Mount Storm presentation was both fascinating and informative.  In a (normally silent) mixed audience of mechanics, electricians, and engineers, she inspired inquiry and discussion generating fresh interest in wildlife conservation.  With a live raptor perched on her glove, Jo delivered the most memorable program in my 30 years of power plant meetings.  I highly recommend this program to organizations wishing to emphasize any (adaptive) message with stunning visuals.”

-S. Blaisdell, Chemist, Dominion Generation Mt. Storm Power Station

“The presentations were the best I’ve ever heard and after twenty years as a teacher and principal, I’ve heard many programs.  [Jo] varied the presentations for the age group [she] talked with. In fact, I went to all the presentations because they were so interesting.”

-Dr. A. Tenny, Belington Elementary School

“The boys and parents all enjoyed it thoroughly and were impressed with not only the depth of your knowledge but the interesting way you presented the material. Having a live hawk as an educational tool made the information so very real to the boys.  I especially appreciated how very patiently you answered every question and how respectful you were of each questioner.  Your presentation was the highlight of a very enjoyable experience.”

-L. Kenney, Pack #122 Den #10, Boy Scouts of America

Grades K-12

These programs demonstrate how commitment, respect, responsibility and education pave the way to following your passion and living your dream.  The presence of live hawks and owls immediately establishes a powerful connection to nature, and for many opens the door to an enriching and amazing world previously unknown.

“The University of the District of Columbia students come from culturally diverse environments…the students from various disciplines who came to this seminar presentation were excited and invigorated.   What an intellectual and wonderful evening.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime for most of these students.”

-V. Guerrero, PhD., Ecologist, University of the District of Columbia

“Very impressive; the presentation was very informative and educational, delivered in an informal humorous way.  I have learned a lot and my views and attitudes towards predators have certainly changed.  Time well spent!”

-B. Charlery, Howard University


College and University Programs

Geared to advanced education and going beyond the textbook approach, Flying Higher provides a living laboratory that is thought-provoking, stimulating, and instills an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the essential interrelationship between people and the natural systems of the environment.

All Programs include discussion on:

  • What separates raptors from the rest of the birds
  • Why they are important to our physical and emotional health and well-being
  • Raptor personalities and behaviors
  • Raptor survival skills - what they do, why, and how they do it
  • Communicating with raptors – you already know how

While we are flexible in meeting our client’s needs, please note that in planning all venues, the well-being of the birds is of utmost importance to Flying Higher.  As with all programs, to ensure the safety of the audience, the birds, and Jo, each bird is tethered to Jo’s gloved fist while it is out on display.Flying Higher is a fully insured company and is permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.   Funds to support our resident non-releasable birds of prey are solely from educational program fees. 

Special Needs Youth and Adult Programs

With 16 years’ experience working with special needs audiences, including deaf, blind, and other physically and/or mentally challenged individuals, at-risk, delinquent, inner-city, rural, or other underserved groups, Jo delivers presentations tailored to meet the special needs of her audiences.

“It seemed that everything you said about following your dreams made the presentation even more exciting.  My dream is to become a police officer.  Your talking about ‘following your dreams’ made me want to listen to you.  Your presentation today changed a lot of students’ perspectives on going to school.”

-A. McKenzie, Cassadaga Job Corps